Want to wet yourself?

Wanting to wet yourself is normal, so don't feel bad or guilty. Maybe you've thought about it and never done it, or maybe you do it all the time, but you're not sure exactly how you feel about it.

Do you want to wet? Whether you think so or not, give some serious thought into it and be completely honest with yourself. If you do, don't feel bad, if you don't then..well you don't.

Created by: Allison Segura

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  1. Firstly have you ever wanted to wet yourself?
  2. Have you ever wet yourself on purpose?
  3. If you could wet without getting caught and no one finding out, would you.
  4. How would you do it?
  5. Have you ever wanted to wet the bed on purpose?
  6. I dare you to wet yourself, doesn't matter how much. Did you?
  7. Regarding previous question, did you like it?
  8. Would you tell anyone about your desire to wet?
  9. Would you consider being incontinent?
  10. If someone close to you told you they liked to wet themselves, what would you think?
  11. Would you change right after wetting, or stay wet?
  12. Have you ever worn a diaper on purpose?
  13. Would you wet in public?

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Quiz topic: Want to wet myself?