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this quis=z is to test is to see if you no me. the next two paragrpghs will look like this this quiz network doesnt lest you right musical tunes dang!

puff the magic dragon lived by the sea in the land of honalee, iknow this guy who has a friend who has an uncle who wrote that song. these are long paragraphs to write in summer

Created by: jerry

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what country have i been to?
  2. What rank scout am I?
  3. What instument do i play?
  4. what is the lowest grade i've gotten?
  5. what online game do I play?
  6. what is my job do I want to have
  7. I have an uncle (on my dads side) who is?
  8. my mom is 1 of how many children?
  9. 1 of my cousins plays?
  10. what eyewear do I use?

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