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  • By question 2 I was leaking uncontrollably and a big stain had made its way on might tight jeans I finally gave up and ran to the bathroom to pee but could not get my pants down the whole time doing this I was splurting a lot and some urine running down my leg I desired to hold it and sat back down on my bed I made it to question 4 before I had made a small puddle between my legs and my jeans were soaked but I still had sooo much pee left in me I tryed to pee in the toilet again but my pants would not budge by now I just gave up at first it was a dribble then a splurt then I let out a small stream continue to flow down my leg it was warm and for some reason I just peed myself ON PURPOSE.... for nearly a minute it just flowed right through my bladder onto my jeans the relief felt so good that I did not even bother to change my pants after word I just retook this test and didn't even bother trying to make it to the toilet some is still bursting out of me right now

  • Peeing for twenty minutes? I dont think thats even possible.

  • oh my god i completely pissed myself, i'm going to try again cuz i really want to pee with you. some is still dribbling out..

  • No offense, but I thought that this quiz was stupid.

  • Yeah, really funny. (note sarcasm)


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