Wanna pee with me?

Peeing is a something that all must do, man or woman. I am making this quiz while I am in a stall. I have peed and pooped, but I still wanna pee some more.

Hence I have decided to hold it back while I can so that we can pee together. I have ten bottles of water with me and a soda, so I can wait. But hurry up before the mall closes!

Created by: Dexter Jermey Lok

  1. Ok, so do you want to pee with me?
  2. ok, now if you do, then you have to pass through several tests. Test 1: Read This: " Now light, camera and Action!" shouted the director. I walked into the mens room with the camera. I enter a stall, close the door, but do not sit. The camera is filming the door, while the mic is moving close to me. I unzip my pants when the mic is near my pants. I drop my pants and take a sit. But I'm not suppose to pee or poo. the cell phone I have will ring, and then I answer it. I will then shout,"What? I won the lottery?" and jump up and down. Instead, i sit comfortably and close my eyes. Then I realise that I have to pee and poo. I start holding it. My bladder is hurting, and I my urge to pee twice as much as I have to poo. Then the phone rings. Good, I tell myself. I answer it and jump up and down shouting, 'What? I won the lottery?" But at the same time, I start peeing. I painck. I sit on the bowl and start peeing and pooping as the director calls CUT! When we watched the tape, all we heard was silence. Then the sound of pee overwrites my voice. I am embarrassed.
  3. Good! Now remove pants and underwear before starting test 2. test 2: Sit on the floor in any position that stops pee from flowing. Then, in that position, drink your glass of water. What did that do?
  4. Test 3( still in the same position and without you clothes): Lie down on your back, and pour a glass of water onto your opening. How did that feel?
  5. Get a fresh pair of underwear. Then wear it to the toilet. Remove underwear and get into your peeing position. Stay there for 10 sec. Then wear your underwear and go back to room. What happened?
  6. On a scale of 0-16, who much do you want to pee?
  7. Do the potty dance, then squirm, then jump like mad, then remove underwear. On the same scale, how much do you have to pee?
  8. Read this: Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!PEE!
  9. Do you hate others talking to you while you do your (removal of liquid)?
  10. Read this: I am in a traffic jam. My bladder is bursting, and I am thirsty. I drink sips of water from a bottle. soon, I finish drinking the bottle of water. Uncontrolbly, I remove my pants and underwear and start squeezing my crouch. I have to pee so badly. I don't want to pee on the grass or the bottle, so I hold it. When I can't take it, I pee in the bottle. Its filled to the brim, but I am still in bladder pain. I pull over and pull my underwear up. I run into the grass, while I pee in my underpants. I sit on the slope to prevent others from seeing me pee with only my underpants. And also because I am in bladder pain. I have to remove my underwear, because my pee is overflowing. Now, I also have to poop. I run into the forest and hid behind a tree. I squat and poop(still peeing like hell). Then I decide to stand up and pee, so I stand up and pee, aiming at my poop. I pee until my legs are crammed, so i sit and pee. I look at my watch and its 12 noon. I have been peeing for twenty mins! I peed until I could (barely) hold my pee and run into the car with my underpants and shoes. Then I hurriedly drive home. I enter town and park car. I Squat between cars are start peeing everything left. I am relieved.

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