Ur wedgie(if you take this quiz you must do the answer)

If you need want or are forsed to take this quiz you are scrooed prepare your buttox because it will be burning after this ummmmmmmmmmmmmmeh sjsjsj eshdj ss

Your bottom shall die today never to return Dysuisjsbsvussksnshsjwkwkdy dyidgixgi nkcfysrxugxgj jgxruar chicken tacos rdtuxgkxurszxfujvuxsrdutdtxfuxfuxfux

Created by: Ahhhh

  1. Do you like wedgies
  2. Gender???
  3. What's you Fav wedgie
  4. How many wedgies have you had in your life time
  5. Why are you taking this quiz
  6. If punishment what did you do
  7. Who give you most wedgies
  8. Ahhhh
  9. Do you like the quiz
  10. How would you feel if I were your mistress

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