Updates, Shout Outs, News.

There are so many things to talk about in the cyber world, so, I shall update to stay alive! Get it? Heh heh. Anyways, this quiz is all about the Crap I don't care about.

Shout Out notice: I only have three shout outs, if you want one, post in comments, I will gladly fix that seeing as I remeber everything about anyone I meet. Okies?

Created by: Dark22978

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  1. Updates First. :3 Most of the quizzes below 'I am leaving too. .-.' are out of date and are useless to take. I made them when I first got here, alright, so the spelling is sucky. I shall fix them soon. >:3
  2. Shout Out 1: Hello Jake. >:3 I scared you, didn't I, when I said I was leaving? Well, sorry for you, I am not Leaving. Heh heh. Love ya.
  3. Shout out 2: Hello Teresa. Sorry about my b----yness that day. D: I have no clue what was up with me. *shrugs*
  4. Shout out 3: Hello Zane. :3 I expect you are fine now, I hope you are still alive, yeah, now I have nothing. XD
  5. News: None yet. :P
  6. Alright, now that that is through......BOO.
  7. Pie, Cake, Cookie?
  8. Alright, sorry if I didn't do a shout out to anyone else, I am half asleep. (August something, 5:28 AM)
  9. Soo..
  10. Buh bye suckers.

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