Undertale tickle

Sorry for my bad english i hope you will enjoy and i hope you like that, you gonna play as frisk, i give you choice and you choose, very easy, you got it?

Undertale is very popular game and of course someone need the tickle situation, first, i have tickle fetish and two: please comment how to get better i hope you will enjoy

Created by: Tick tickle

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  1. Well, first question: what will you choose: Pacific genoside or maybe the middle nuatral.
  2. Toriel fight you
  3. Sans tell you:"shake my hand" will you
  4. Papyrus cupture you in cage(i know it's not work like this in Undertale) "i cuptured you in my trap now i give you to undyen, but first let's see how ticklish are you" he tickle your belly button ( i have fetish, not my fault)
  5. "hey pank" "hey undyne" undyne jump on you and says tickle fight
  6. "frisk why are you sad?" Chara ask. I'm not feel so good(before sans judgement) "mmm" Chara says, so i make you feel better. She grab your hands make you fly a little. "I remember that your belly button is your most ticklish spot, let's try" she tickle you very fast and good at your belly button.
  7. Well, yo# see *#@ter "*#@$@ $*#@" gas*$# says and he cupture you with hands and tickle you everywhere.
  8. After the weird situation, mettaton come to you and his tickle show he start to tickle you
  9. Sans tell you you got very much love
  10. Did you enjoy? (No effect

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