Top 5 Weirdest Forum Posts

Okay, these definitely aren't the top 5, but they are some pretty weird posts. XD

Created by: ICEE CHILL

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  1. I think I'm turning into a pedophile. -The Geek
  2. But if I was only one boob and you sewed me onto you, wouldn't you be a little uneven, considering you're only 8 in the first place? -Damask
  3. Its not a good tool to rape with XP With a dick you can say "don't move or I will shoot" xD With a vagina? eh... "Don't move or I will suck you in" -Kish
  4. Yah. Kind of. It also kind of involves me going up your ass. Wholly. Like sperm. -Joker1001
  5. XP *Does hippy dance in trash can* -UnLoving

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