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  • Truth be told, I actually WANTED to pee my pants. But was waiting for just the right moment. Peeing yourself on purpose isn't as fun as on "accident". I promised myself I would go on the floor when I was desperate and WOULD NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES go to the bathroom. Finally, RIGHT AFTER TAKING THIS TEST!!! I BURST!!! It started as a small little trickle. I smiled and let myself release. It all ran down my legs and onto the floor. Then my older brother came in...

  • I have 96% I peed my pants but I still half to go really bad holding my crotch so tight my pee is about to burst!

  • I'm a girl.... O.O WHAT DID I JUST WITNESS??!!

  • *grand crotch* Idk if I can make it to the bathroom. *trys to take a step* huge spert comes out* yeah I can't make it.


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