To pee or not to pee?

To pee or not to pee? Make sure that you have am empty bladder before you start this quiz. It's going to be a test of how much you can hold your bladder.

Good luck!

Created by: Dexter Jeremy Lok

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  1. Where are you?
  2. Have you drunk coffe in the last hour or so?
  3. Have you drunk coffe in the last hour or so?
  4. Have you drunk coffe in the last hour or so?
  5. In the unisexual toilet, I am squatting and grabbing my crouch. I have to pee. I could use a urinal, but while I waited for one to be vacant, I had to poop as well. Now, all the stalls are occupied and I desperately have to use one. I stand up, still grabbing my crouch and start jamming my ... into the sink. A stall is unlocked, and I run into that stall, undressing my bottom half of myself. I sit, and it starts. I feel so comfortable. The golden liquid flowing smoothly into the bowl. My luxurious feeling ended when a female opened my stall door and stares at me. I forgot to lock the door!
  6. Remove what'ever you are wearing untill you are only left with you underpants. Then grabb your croch and whisper, I am not in the toilet, but am at a beach by the sea. What happened?
  7. What's golden, soft, stored in our bladder and is liquid? PEE!
  8. My mom wanted me to visit the doctor, but I had to get a pee sample first. I was left in the mall toilet untill i could produce my sample. ButI couldn't. I stood in the urinal for a hour, sat on the cubical bowl, even drank 4 bottles of water. I decided to walk around the mall for an inspiration. Ten minutes later, the urge to pee came. And it was a very, very bad urge. I ran back into the toilet, only to find the toilet locked. I faced the door and peed into the bottle. I turned around and found millions of people staring at me. I was shock and embarrassed. I ran to the docs but dropped all of my pee. I had to wait before I could pee again.
  9. Bottle or bucket?
  10. Remove whatever you are wearing that is beanth you waist (I.e. pants, skirt, underwear) and poke your bladder

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