Tickle House Escape

You will be playing as a character named Lisa. She is very ticklish. She’s around 18-19 years old. She is bery sensitive, so be careful! (This paragraph needs at least 150 letters so yeah :/)

In this quiz— I mean adventure, you will experience many tickly things. You found yourself in a house, and realised nearly your full outfit is removed. Only your underclothes. Once you’re ready, you may start this journey!

Created by: Thalia Syifarahma

  1. You found yourself sitting in a chair. You stood up and found two doors, one on the left and one on the right. Where will you go?
  2. You went in and is now in a dark room. The door you just opened shut and locked. You are getting worried this was a trap and you chose the wrong door. Suddenly, you saw a shed of light. It’s a flashlight! You grabbed it and ___ forward.
  3. You accidentally bumped into something. It hurt, but another light appeared from the ceiling. Almost like a spotlight. It clearly showed a note, saying, “Hello, Lisa. Yes, I know your name. But don’t be freaked out, because I, nor anyone else in here will hurt you, unless you hurt them. You’re also in good hands, and you’re safe. Now I will turn on more lights, and you will have to walk through that carpet in front of you. Careful, it’s got a kick. I will be guiding you through all of this journey. Good luck! Sincerely, Feather.”
  4. More lights turned on, and you see a carpet in front of you. You thought, “What could possibly happen?” You stepped on the capet with full confident. You suddenly felt a little stroke of tickling. The longer your foot is on that caroet, the more it tickles. What do you do?
  5. (No effect) Are you enjoying the quiz so far?
  6. You successfully made it through the carpet. You found another note on the floor. “Great job! But this is just the start. You will experience things more fun, least terrifying. Sincerely, Feather.” What do you think?
  7. Suddenly, you saw a girl running holding a cute doll. She saw you and ran towards you. She stares at your feet. What do you say?
  8. “Hi! My name is Maria! I like your feet. Can I tickle them? Pweasee?” She asked. You say...
  9. She tickled your feet (anyway). She then also asked you to hug her. You did...
  10. She then handed you a note. “Here, I don’t know what it says, but you should. They told me to tell you to read it. That’s all I have. Goodbye!” She left. You read the note. “Isn’t she cute? Anyway, on your left, you will see a book. Read chapter 3. Sincerely, Feather.” You saw the book. You read...
  11. Suddenly, you felt a slight tickle on the body part named after the title of the chapter you read. (If you get what I mean, lol.) This lasted for 30 seconds, then a flash of light lit up, showing a huge carving saying, “PUT BOTH YOUR FEET HERE AND WAIT FOR 2 MINUTES” In front of the carving were two holes. You put your right foot on the right hole and your left foot on the left hole. It tickled you for 2 minutes. What’s your reaction?
  12. Suddenly, a key appeared on your hand. Taped on the key was a note. You read it. “This will get you through the locked door on your left. Try using this key on the keyhole to open the door. I promise, it’s completely safe. Sincerely, Feather.” You looked and saw the keyhole. You opened it and saw something.
  13. It’s a cake! On top of it is another note. “I know you picked a door earlier at the beginning. You should let out a sigh of relief now, because if you chose the other door, you would’ve been led to a DEATH TRAP! But since both is a trap, you have fallen into a harmless trap, the TICKLE TRAP! This is a little congratulations present, for choosing the right door! Have a bite or two. ;) Sincerely, Feather.” You eat...
  14. You suddenly felt weird and fell on the floor. Because either you’re too full or you’re still hungry. Who knows? Anyway, when you wake up, you’re in a library. You hear a voice. “I smell some beautiful cute feet. I think someone needs a feet scrub!” It’s the librarian.
  15. “Looking for me?” The librarian was behind you. “Or not? Either way, I’m here. Let’s get you a foot wash.” The librarian held your hand really tight and led you somewhere. What do you do?
  16. The librarian took you to a bathroom. He told you to sit on a chair. You did, and he held both your feet up. He took a sponge soaked in soap, and he smirked. He then scrubbed the sponge onto your soles, making it really ticklish. What do you say?
  17. He didn’t listen. He just kept scrubbing. It tickled like crazy! Once he finally stopped, he took some water and a brush. He poured the water on your feet, and brushed your soles. It also tickled. You told him to stop...
  18. “Oh, another foot wash customer ordered already. Just take this note. Goodbye!” The librarian said. He stuck the note on your foot and left. You took the note. “Good job, you survived the Tickling Librarian. He likes to wash feet, but doesn’t know that it tickles! Anyway, I’m at the library, and don’t worry, the librarian is not here. Meet me there, and yes, I can talk. Sincerely, Feather.” You head to the library.
  19. You found the library. You saw Feather. “Hi! I’m Feather, your friend that has been giving you notes this entire journey. Now, I can finally talk to you!” Feather has a high-pitched voice, almost like Pikachu. More feathers floated down and joined Feather. “These are my relatives. We want to put the greatest tickling test in the history of tickling to YOU! Yes, especially you! So please lay down!” Feather said.
  20. Ropes magically appeared and held your feet, arms and waist in place. Feather and another feather headed for your underarms, a group of feathers headed for your soles, some headed for your toes, some also for your belly and sides. “This is a way for us to say we love you!” What do you say?
  21. Feather and its friends let go of you, and untied you. “Oh no, the time has come. Quick! Run!” Feather said. You...
  22. (If you chose “ask why”) “They’ll chase you! Just run!” Feather said.
  23. Whoever Feather was talking about managed to catch you. They’re two large females. “You thought you were rid of us, didn’t you?” One asked. She carried you. She was surprisingly strong. Another took out a feather duster. She slowly brushed it on your underarms. What do you say?
  24. “Who said we are going to do that?” They keep tickling your underarms. Then she dropped it and said “I’ll count how many ribs you have.” She tickles each rib as she counts. You laugh and wiggle around. “Stop wiggling! You made me lose count! Now I have to start all over again!” She kept tickling your ribs, and kept losing count. They kept tickling you for a very long time. They are the only evil people in this house. You try to tickle them with your free hand. They’re not ticklish. Suddenly...
  25. Both girls faint and you fell on the ground with a loud thud. Feather floated down and said, “Run as fast as you can! You will use your library key that I gave you to exit! Go!” You...
  26. You found the keyhole. You use your key and open the lock as fast as you can. You enterred a dark room. That’s the time when you slowed down.

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