This will make you pee for sure

This quiz will help you to pee your hart out nice warm stream of pee going down your leg check out part 2 it will have stories that will make you have an urge to pee

Please check out part 2 it has stories that will make you have an urge to pee. Hopefully you pee a lot I promise at the end you get to i promise you thanks for playing

Created by: Alyssa

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How full is your bladder from 1-10
  2. Ok put anything on that will soak pee ( just in case )
  3. Ok step 1. Push on your bladder ( your lower belly ) we'll your laying on your back relaxed what happened
  4. Next get in a position that you pee in and get relaxed what happened
  5. 1-10 how do you feel bladder wise
  6. Ok first activity 1: not really an activity but go get 3 cups of water wait on till your done how do you feel
  7. Ok relax don't hold anything in put a towel under you we'll you spread your lags I bet you peed did you
  8. Ok how did you like this quiz did you pee comment your response
  9. Ok there's more muahah let pee run out of you for 3 seconds how much came out
  10. Ok last question go to the bath room look at the toilet don't sit on it then pee like no tomorrow not on the toilet ok your pants should be soaked now your welcome

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