this quiz be rigged

This quiz is rigged. If you get 100 you a cheated or b are amazingly lucky. Skcktngkdodmcfnrksoskdcmfjdkdjfnfjdksjdndjddjcjdjekdjdncfjekwojddjncjfjririeksknd

Well now I have to redo this because I had too much repeated text. I wrote this is rigged a million times. So yeah. 118, 123, 128. Come onnnnnnnn-YES I’M DOOOONE

Created by: Milkbox

  1. What is the meaning on life
  2. When is my birthday
  3. Yo
  4. I am hungry
  5. Am I dumb
  6. Try to get 100 💯 percent
  7. My quiz passphrase is
  8. Hee hee
  9. Google fiiiiiiii
  10. Boooreed

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