Think your a fish wiz?

There are many great fishermen out there, catching tuna, bass, sharks and alot of fish daily. The anglers spend days, out in the ocean or lake catching fish. Pro fishers,

Are you one of them? Did you catch the world record fish? Are you the best fisherman in the world? Find out! just put a couple of minuets in to this quiz!

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  1. What is a smallmouth basses science name?
  2. Do Great White Sharks chew?
  3. Where was the world record smallmouth bass caught?
  4. What was the first Rapalla lure made out of?
  5. Are Nurse Sharks deadly?
  6. Do people harpoon anymore?
  7. Can eels be considered "sea snakes"?
  8. How many pounds was the world record brown trout?
  9. When bass try to 'spit the hook', what do they do?
  10. What color eyes do smallmouth basses have?

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Quiz topic: Think my a fish wiz?