the wow thats hard quiz

there are many smart people but few true geniuses omg this is so hard i don't no wat to say im tired do you evan read this stuff do you really want to here this

ok im out of ideas u did great congrats is the nassary caz im tired and my sholder herts but i gess thats wat u call radom he he he lol i no right ok im one buy

Created by: xevx

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  1. what is your middle name?
  2. how do u spell my name
  3. 3.14
  4. pants on the ground pants on the ground ?
  5. wat dose amo mean in laten
  6. i?e
  7. roll a dice 3 times wat do u get
  8. y do i breath air
  9. uhhhhhhhhhhh i have 2 questons left i need ideas
  10. last ? its important if u don't get it right u will blow up the world ok here it is what is the meaning of hi

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