The ULTIMATE pee challenge!!!

Do you have a bladder of steel? Take this quiz to find out, beware, you will most likely end up with wet pants.Remember, at any point in the quiz, you may not run to the bathroom, just embrace the moment and enjoy it.

You may want to have a towel on hand just Incase you make a puddle on the floor.Be sure to comment on this quiz and tell me how far you got in the quiz and what score you got!

Created by: Joyce Adams

  1. First of all, how much do you need to pee?
  2. Okay, drink 2 large glasses of water and come back when you have drank them
  3. Go and sit on the toilet with all your clothes on and turn on the faucet, what happened?
  4. Lie down and push on your bladder every 20 seconds for 1 minute, what happened?
  5. Stand up and spread your legs far apart and relax ALL your muscles for 30 seconds, how did it go?
  6. Sit on the toilet with all your clothes on act like you are pooping for 10 seconds, what happened?
  7. How wet are your pants?
  8. Stay still for 1 minute, no potty dancing, no squirming, did you pee?
  9. Right, go and do something for 10 mins, all you can do is hold yourself and dance and squirm and stop yourself from peeing, how are you doing?
  10. If you haven’t peed already, well done. Be aware for the next questions because they’re tough
  11. 10 sit ups
  12. 10 star jumps
  13. If you haven’t already peed then you have to do one of the following
  14. How did you do in this quiz?
  15. Did you like the quiz? Please comment how you did

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