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  • You filthy heathen Goth, Your soul is most impure, you WILL go to hell but perhaps. Just perhaps if you pray to God he might have mercy on your soul and lighten the punishment you will receive. So go now and ask forgiveness at your local church.

    And proud of it. You're a terrible person. How can you think these things. I beleive in all paths of religion. You need to respect other people. Goths can be really good people and Christians. If I go to hell, if hell is real, I hope to see my lesbian and Buddhist friend there too. Also all of my other friends, they're also towards the Goth persuasion. Respct your fellow human beings and you will go to what you think of as heaven, which there is no scientific proof of.

  • This quiz is horrible. It makes good people who happen to follow a different path than yours come off as satan worshippers. Even though Goths may look different it doesnt give you the right to pass judgement on them. Many of them follow religion. Even if they don't they are still good people. The only one here that seems to be a sinner is the false prophet that made this quiz. I hope nobody follows this quiz as a way to be pure. It looks to be made by the devil himself.

  • hey st. mary's you need to stop judging people because everybody does not follow your religion you think you can change the world by doing this you think that wearing black and band shirts makes you goth what about your christian rock band shrits if somebody wears one of those does that make them goth?I got 73% but it so stupid that you would do this quiz

  • I hate all you people. Just because i'm Buddhist and play the sims doesn't mean i'm goth! And you people need to respect the wishes of all. For goths are being true to themselves. TO THY SELF BE TRUE! So i hope all your children are goths. Just to make you see.

  • screw who ever made this quiz im not goth i do hang out with goth ppl but i have friends in almost every social party there is that includes emos, populars, geeks, class clowns, preps, band ppl, etc. im a vey diverse when it comes 2 friends i pretty much become friends w/everyone i meet.

  • WTH? Who made this quiz? I am NOT a goth. So I hang out with goths, what's the big deal? And they have paganism ALL WRONG it has NOTHING to do with satan... I hate the person who made this quiz and I hope they check the comments alot.

  • What the hell? Who wrote this crap. I mean, i hang out with my 'gangster' friends and just because i love them for who they are, doesn't mean i'm going to hell. Anyway, I'm an Athiest.

  • Dear commenters... this is a joke. Don't take it so seriously dudes, like chillax.

    saint mary
  • Hahahahaha. Omg i thought the quiz was funny. Everyone chill, it's a joke. -_y

  • uuuuuuhhhhh... WTF???????? I was only like 20 percent but GOD!!!!!!!!! you'd think wearing band tshirts nd crap like that would be condemned!!!!!!!!! GOD I'M SCARED!!!!!!!!

    A lex


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