The Real SMWC Status Quiz

There are many users on SMWCentral, and many categories in which we could fill them in. Although everyone is unique in their own way, they CAN get put into a category, roughly.

Do you want to take the quiz, and see what this quiz classifies you as? The category you belong to might be more interesting than you think, but maybe you just expected it all along anyway. There's no harm in finding out, is there?

Created by: Roy

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  1. How often do you make completely contentless posts?
  2. Are you a moderator?
  3. How many posts do you spend on trying to help people out, with any kind of problem? (Hacking problems, reality problems, etc.)
  4. Which forum do you post most in?
  5. How often do you visit SMWCentral?
  6. Are you aspiring to ever become a moderator (if you aren't already).
  7. How often do you tend to have problems with hacking?
  8. Do you submit content to the Central's sections? (Including hacks.)
  9. Why do you go on IRC?
  10. What is your favourite thing to do on the Central?

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