the random quiz of doge pies

it it true your the coolest noob and kjvff also you do like doraemon also pi is cool so mew mew and I'm coolest noob and your the 3rd coolest noob and

so this is weird you read this and you see Shia LaBeouf he's trying to eat you so you pull out air cannon and say bang then he goes to narnia and lives like a tiger :D

Created by: amazon of
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  1. what is doraemon
  2. is a circle an oval
  3. do you like pokemon and pies and 3.141592653
  4. gnjsnvzdfjvndfjnvdfjzvndjfznv … is it rain tacos?
  6. mew is a pokemon
  7. does e=H-r 55.34l?
  8. is this cool mew mew mew
  9. is a potato a cat
  10. was this quiz a waste of your time?

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