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You are woken up by NINA. LOLOL Kidding. You are woken up by a noise. You check it out. WILL YOU LIVE!?! This is a story. Just SAYIN' I HOPE YOU LIKE!

TEH OPERATOR WILL GET YOU!!!! I wish you didn't have to fill so much space on here. It's annoying. SOO much space!! WIBBLEY WOBBLEY TIMEY WHIMEY STUFF.

Created by: EpicTurquoise

  1. You are dreaming, what are you dreaming about?
  2. You are woken up by a noise, what do you do?
  3. Well, whatever you chose, you go out to the kitchen and...
  4. If you went outside you look around for a while, then you see something out of the corner of her eye and you turn around but whatever it was is gone...
  5. If you stayed inside you see something outside you are about to scream, but you are hit with a wave of nausea and collapse. You are still aware of everything, but are very weak.
  6. Outside: you run in the house. Inside: You get up. And you run to your room and start packing for an adventure. What do you bring?
  7. As soon as you are ready to go, you BFF shows up and knocks on the door. You open it and say, "(BFFs name) What are you doing here? At this hour no less!?" You then look closely at him/her, he/she looks different. Not like a hair cut or something like that. Just, a faraway look in his/her eye. "Are you okay?" He/She ignores the question and says "He needs you."
  8. You BFF tries to grab you r arm but you are too quick. You jump out of the way and start running down the street. Your BFF doesn't try to stop you but just calls out, "He will find you!"
  9. As you run, you feel a sudden chill in the air, (I know, so cliche) and you wonder, "What the kitten? It was supposed to be nice today!" You turn down the road to the local park called Rosswood. And you stand under a tree to catch your breath.
  10. It's really dark, what do you do while you wait... for what? I dunno. I'm making this up as I go along, but I'm amazing at it.
  11. Sorry. I need to re- fuel my brain juice. I hope you sorta liked it. I will make more.

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