the pee test

ok so this quiz you need a few things. a shower or bathtub or a concreate floor. a cup, and a towel. make sure to have a spare pair of tight undies/breifs laying around you need that too. thanks! have fun!

This is the pee test. will you survive dry???? i hope so! thanks for taking my quiz. i hope it works!!! enjoy it! go take it now!!! go go go!!! drip. drip.

Created by: millse17

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  1. how badly do you need to pee?
  2. ok take off your pants, lay down on a towel and spread out your legs. relax everything. what happened?
  3. press on your lower stomach, what happenes?
  4. squat over the towel and let yourself one spurt of pee, then stop it. how big is the dot on the towel?
  5. ok so get a plastic cut and stand in a dry bathtub or on a concrete basement floor. put the cup under you and press up. what happens?
  6. ok. now relax everything. close your eyes and imagine water dripping from a faucet. drip. drip. drip. now imagine nice warm urine running down your leg. what happens?
  7. go get a cup of warm water, lay on a dry towel and relax. pour the water over your genitals/lower stomach. what happens?
  8. ok now massage your lower stomach and push like you are pooping. what happens?
  9. get up and stand in a shower. do three squats and five jumping jacks. relax everything while you are doing this.what happens?
  10. hold your croth and imagine your hand filling with warm yellow liquid, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.what happens?
  11. ok now go put some TIGHT panties/ breifs on. go drink one glass of water. what happened to the underwear?
  12. ok go do what you need to do this quiz is over! please leave stories about what happened!!!!

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