The PEE PEE test

Ok. So lets get down to BIZNESS (yes, I purposely spelt that wrong). This is the PEE test. Are you a true survivor? Or are you a little wimp??????????

Can you survive this? Or will you fail? Will you pee? Will you not pee? Will you be strong? Or will you not be strong? Ok this is random lets just get on!

Created by: Saara_K

  1. I need you to get in a private room.
  2. Take of all of your clothes, apart from your under garments (pants and vest/bra etc)
  4. Push down on your lower stomach. What happens
  5. Push, as if you are peeing, but DO NOT PEE!!!!!!
  6. Go drink some water. A big cup full.
  7. Get a towel and spread out your legs. What happens?
  8. Did you pee?
  9. Okay did you like this?
  10. Kay see you around if your on the forums!

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