The moron test for you

You will never win. If you do I will be realy suprised! So do you think you have a chance of geting it right then try this quize. This quize is a random one so try it and if you like it tell other people

Have you ever wondered if your stupid? Well now you can find out with this easy to use quize if you get mor than 85% of it right you win! Sorry about the end for all of the ansewers

Created by: Lollolbird

  1. Of your ugley say yes
  2. I was saw I does it say the same thing backwerds
  3. Lololololol how many Lol are there
  4. What's my freinds name
  5. Abcdef?hojklmnop
  6. Bob smiled "_________________"he said
  7. Fue
  8. .
  9. What was the ninth qestion
  10. Lol this is tje last qestion

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