the math quiz! for the students who need it.

if you need help ask on this quiz! and you must read this parents and teachers before makeing the kids do this quiz!and it is also ocay if your homeschooling!

teachers please check there work after they done this quiz!thank you and this quiz came out in 2020! thank you for the notice! and i hope for your kids!

Created by: Abbyzillaaa

  1. 9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9=
  2. (1 home run=3 points.)Armon got 90 home runs in the first game.and Gabe got 5 more home runs then Armon. how many points does Gabe have?
  3. mark has two pens one is 25 inches and the other is 89 inches. estamate the the following numbers
  4. do you need a break?
  5. ok,now parker had two glasses of water one had haf then other had a qarter how much water do you need to pour to get it to full?
  6. 9+9+9+9+9+5+9+9+8=
  7. estamate this number 98
  8. do you need a break?
  9. estamate 9,123,598 to the next place value.
  10. are you ready for more work?

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