The Leadership Promotion Test

This is the official test that all people who want to be promoted to be a leader in the "School of Unity and Connectness" must take to get the job. Because anyone can volunteer to become a leader in the "School of Unity and Connectness" but they must have what it takes.

The following test will test your knowledge of the "School of Unity and Connectness", basic math, things about cultures from everywhere, and the value of leadership and how to do it, and all these skills are needed to run our school. Because in our school; students,teachers,and parents/adults all have equal say in how things are done depending on how mature they are. But how do we make sure that we get trained people. May this test train you to succeed and above all may you pass with a 75 and above.

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  1. What does S.U.C. stand for?
  2. What is the kind of leader you should be?
  3. What is 60% of 13 to the nearest tenth. (please round) A calculator is allowed.
  4. Where is Swahili spoken? Please pick the country where they speak the language. Jambo (hello in swahili)
  5. A friend gave you a list with names Zoe Madison, Lee Jong Park,James O'Leary and Mustafa Nabeel. Please put these names in alphabetical order
  6. You have a plan. Another person on the job strongly disagrees with you. What should you do?
  7. What is the "School of Unity and Connectness" currently.
  8. Can leaders who are students be part of a student council of a local school?
  9. How will you organize a fundraiser
  10. How will you plan an event
  11. Will you vote on decisions honestly even if others intimidate you or you disagree with the President of S.U.C.
  12. How Creative are you? I mean depending on what situation it is.
  13. will you fire someone even if he/she is your friend
  14. How do you manage your job.

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