The Hardest Pee Quiz You Will Ever Take!

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READ THIS IT IS VERY IMPORTANT: Directions. 1) drink a cup of water before you start this quiz. 2) Look up "Trickling water" into YouTube and let play (with volume) for the entire quiz.

Please only do this quiz in the bathroom so you have a toilet accessible if you need it. (you will need it!) If you don't do it in a bathroom, I suggest putting toilet paper in your pants.

Created by: jmdvorkin

  1. Ok, lets get a scale on things. How bad do you have to pee? (it will be more fun the higher you are on the scale!)
  2. Drink 2 normal glasses of water and wait 10 minutes. (No cheating!)
  3. Sit down and spread your legs apart, while pushing on your lower stomach. hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Anything?
  4. Now, just listen. (If you o not know what I mean, read the two paragraphs at the top.)
  5. Ok, now sit on the toilet with your pants down and (again) just listen. Do for a full 5 minutes.
  6. Now, here is a challenge if the virtual water noise did not work. Sit on the toilet (still with your pants down) and turn of the faucet so that it is a thin trickle. Sit and listen for 5 minutes.
  7. Now, (like I said before) push on your bladder for 30 seconds then release. Do this 5 times.
  8. Imagine that day at school, when you really had to pee, and your teacher did not let you? You sat there, bladder full to exploding point when... your shorts slowly turn darker, you have stopped trying to hold it. Sweet release and you don't care about anything else.
  9. Refill your glass of water, and drink 3 cups. Wait 10 minutes. (if you can't, just drink one)
  10. Now, just relax every area of your body and stop holding your bladder . (You may want to sit on the toilet for this one.) Relax for 30 seconds just listing to the trickling water...
  11. Sit in the same spot (either on the toilet or on the floor) with your legs apart, and do nothing for 10 whole minutes, and don't get up.
  12. Ok, wait another 5 minutes doing nothing, then go pee. Report back after your done.
  13. Should I take this quiz?
  14. Thanks for taking this quiz!! Will you rate or comment?
  15. Bye!

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