The Flatulence

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THE FLATULENCE- Man kind's greatest mystery. "What is it? Where did it come from? Am I a master of this skill?"- all are questions you may be asking yourself. Take the quiz. Don't be afraid, young one. We will not hurt you...

Could it be? Could you really be a master of the great and powerful talent of THE FLATULENCE? Perhaps, though there is no way to know for sure. By taking the quiz, you will learn just where on the FLATULENCE mastery spectrum you stand.

Created by: DIRRIN!

  1. How long are the intervals between each THE FLATULENCE?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, how smelly are the fahrts of your ancestors?
  3. How often do your fahrts swirl around the room in a beautiful pattern of color and expression, only to drift into the nostrils of passer-bys?
  4. Have you ever been beaten by a parent, sibling, grandparent, friend, significant other, or guardian because of the high quality scent of your FLATULENCE?
  5. On a scale of 1-10, how smelly are the fahrts you produce?
  6. Good evening. Are you aware of the disappearance of your good friend Harvey Saunders last night? We came to ask you some questions. Don't worry, you're not in trouble- we just need to get a better idea of his whereabouts.
  7. What is your race?
  8. How often do you experience the health benefits of THE FLATULENCE?
  9. You know what is coming soon. Or you don't. Either way, it will be horrifying and twisted. On a scale of 1-11, how terrified are you?

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