the favorite car test

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this is a quiz where your computer analyze your favorite car and you will find the result of your test after answering it and i hope you enjoy it guys

this is a full version off the quiz"beta1.3" if you enjoy it then share it to other people and i especially require it to youtubers and my friends and enjoy the qui

Created by: eddie ching

  1. if you have money,would you upgrade your car
  2. if your rich do you like a fast car
  3. if there is a flying car on sale 70% off would you buy it
  4. if you have money and change the engine of your sports car what would it be
  5. which car would you pick
  6. would you rather
  7. would you rather
  8. if your car is expensive would you buy it
  9. what sports car do you like
  10. how would you rate bugatti
  11. what is your favorite car

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