The Fat Quiz (For girls 13-20)

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Are you wondering whether or not you could be considered fat? Take this test to find out! These 20 questions will try to determine your body type. Please note that this is not at all meant to be taken seriously.

Do you think you are fat? Does the mirror give you mixed signals? This quiz will help you determine your body type, through a series of questions relating to your health. Again, this is not meant to be taken seriously.

Created by: A Human

  1. How tall are you?
  2. How much do you weigh?
  3. Do you exercise outside of gym class?
  4. Are you comfortable with your weight?
  5. Do other people tell you to lose weight?
  6. Do you stress eat?
  7. How many meals do you usually eat per day?
  8. What kind of food do you usually eat?
  9. Does eating make you happy?
  10. How much would you eat at an all you can eat buffet
  11. Grab your belly while sitting down. How much is there to grab?
  12. Sitting down, how far can you push your finger into your belly before you feel muscle?
  13. Does your belly hang over your pants when you're sitting down?
  14. Quickly lift up your shirt. Does your belly jiggle?
  15. Hit your belly. How much does it jiggle?
  16. How far can you suck in your belly?
  17. Does your belly jiggle while you're walking?
  18. Walk around the room for 30 seconds. How tired are you afterwards?
  19. Stand up and look down. What do you see?
  20. Does your belly hang over your pants when you are standing up?

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