The Complete Randomness Quiz!

This quiz is full of random stuff, like this! Random stuff will be said at random times, so keep your guard up! Be ready to pull up google, or something!

This quiz was ment to be super Random, with some super obvious questions, and some that are almost impossible to answer unless you've lived in Lebanon, Ky, Like one of my best friends!

Created by: Rave098

  1. Who made this quiz?
  2. Pie is...
  3. The grass is green.
  4. Germany is a state
  5. Kentucky is a Country
  6. My username is
  7. Marion county is home to Lexington, Ky.
  8. Greenland is Snowy, while Iceland is not!
  9. Hint. The first answer of all of these is the right one, so go back and change your answer!
  10. Pi is a...
  11. This quiz is Random. (Hint: The answer is Nah.)

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