The bored quiz BLAH #3

I am bored. This is a pointless quiz. I was bored. I'm very tired of typing this. I'm almost an experIenced :D I hate typing this so much! I'm done now :)

Blah. This quiz was made when I was bored and wanted to level up. I hate typing this. Take this quiz. Blah ¿? ¿ Yay I'm almost done!even closer... DONE!

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. I'm bored
  2. I'm almost an experienced
  3. There is no correct answers for any question on this quiz
  4. I'm running out of questions
  5. Harpusrox7 is awsome
  6. Which gtq nickname of mine do you like best?
  7. Blah I'm still blank on questions
  8. Dnt u h8 it when ppl tlk lke dis?
  9. []{}#%^*+="¢¥£â‚¬|>>\!__?.,!¿¡_%~>\€£[¥¥\_[-/:;($"@&'¡\\{»¢
  10. I'm almost done!

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