Test your bladder strength, try not to pee!

How strong is your bladder? Take this quiz to find out! Will you emerge victorious, with dry pants, or will you be sitting pethetically on the floor in a puddle of pee?

WARNING: ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT! This quiz is a lot harder than other 'i will make you pee' quiz. Play this quiz with friends to see who will survive longer!

Created by: LB

  1. How badly do you need to pee?
  2. Alright... Let's get some water into you! If you selected 0, - take 6 glasses. I'm not kidding! (Drink slowly)1-2- 5 glasses, 3-4- 4 glasses, 5-6- 3 glasses, 7-8- 2 glasses, 9-10- 1 glass. Come back in 15 minutes
  3. Listen to water noises on YouTube. Close your eyes, relax your body, and listen for 5 minutes. How badly do you need to pee now?
  4. Have another glass of water. Then, go to the bathroom, but DO NOT PEE. Do the steps you normally would when you use the bathroom.
  5. Ok break time...kind of. Wash your hands with warm water for 30 seconds during the break. Then have another glass of water.
  6. Listen to water noises for another 5 minutes.
  7. Ok how are you going now?
  8. Ok, do the second question again using your last rating.
  9. If you haven't peed so far, well done! There is still more torture to go though... From now on, you may choose to skip drinking water, BUT you have to do 30 jumping jacks.
  10. Press on your bladder for 10 seconds. How does it feel?
  11. This question is for if you doing it in a group. If not, select skip. Take it in turns to try and make each other laugh.
  12. Have another glass (or do 30 jumping jacks)
  13. Your almost there!!! Have a quick, warm shower. DO NOT PEE.
  14. Have a glass of water. Scenario time! Read this while sipping on water. Your in PE, when you realise. you.have.to.pee. REALLY BAD. You are doing athletics today, and at the moment you are finishing up on javelin. You hobble over to the teacher and ask to leave class to go to the bathroom. The teacher looks at his watch, and says 'You just had lunch!' you try to explain that you didn't need to go then but he refuses to listen. He then calls the class over to explain the nest activity. You squirm all the way through his long explanation of shotput, and when you stand you cross you legs over and hold your crotch in desperation. You then get in line to wait for your turn in shotput. After a few minutes you consider asking the teacher again, but he is strict and you are quite a shy person. You squirm and squirm and hold your crotch. Finally, it is your turn. All eyes turn to you as you walk into the circle. You quickly let go of your crotch in embarrassment, and as you bend over to pick up a shotput, pee starts running slowly down your leg. You quickly sit down, hoping no one saw. The teacher then comes over and orders you to get up. Shaking, you get to your feet, and that's when theā€¦
  15. Sit on the toilet with your underwear on, and try not to pee.
  16. I'm pretty sure that you have peed by now, but this is the last question. Have another glass, and lay on your stomach with your lags spread apart for 30 seconds. Sit up and press you bladder for 15 seconds. You're done! How did you do?

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Quiz topic: Test my bladder strength, try not to pee!

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