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  • These butterflies in my stomach won't stop. Gah, Patch, you sexy beast! I dunno why but I always picture Patch as.....nevermind. I don't understand him? Haha, how am I supposed to understand him? From the moment I read about him, the moment you described him, it was fudging fate. I knew I always liked Patch and now he says he loves me? Yeah, this is what I always wanted to hear and now that I, the reader, heard it, I'm not too sure about it. Reading this...those three words, don't he know that it can change a person's life? Gah, Patch, what have you done to me?

  • I like Alex...Jack...and Patch.I think that you should add more of Adam and lucy though...I feel bad for not seeing him lol

  • sorry I am late to comment this was great

  • AHHHH!! I have been waiting for this for so long!! :) And honestly, I have loved Patch ever since he was introduced, but now.. Not really. What if he is just saying that, just like he said that to Cyndonia? I mean that was awesome that he finally said that but he is just so complicated! He seriously needs to start being honest with people. I just wanna spend more time with Jack :3

  • hey Rckless i made a new series called DBZ (fanfiction) and it has like no views could you please checkit out and tell me what you think

    music monster J
  • YES! I'm with MysteriousEnity!
    I love Patch.. SOO much.

    This part was amazing, as always! No doubt a 10! I can't wait for the next part!!! Gahhh so excited!

    You are so dedicated and i find it amazing that you find time to continue this story, thank you so much! xx

  • Hi everyone, I'm really sorry to squash this, but Luke died =(

  • OMG! @MysteriousEntity, you summed up what I was thinking perfectly! @mcqueen, I was thinking the same thing! Please make part 38!!!!!!

    elf maiden
  • Make part 38 asan (as soon as now)

  • Ever since you introduced this mysterious, beautiful character on the cruise ship, he captured my heart. I remember the party on the cruise where I got into a fight over that stupid girl and he had my back. I can't believe I fell for this arrogant, stubborn, egotistical guy but he's also loving, caring, and sexy. He's totally worth it. I always fall for the reckless, mysterious type. Wait, I just noticed that I broke Patch down to saying that he loves me!!! If only there was a Patch in real life...sigh...


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