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  • I got Sierra! Shes my favorite lol. I kinda act like her cuz i have crushes on LOTS of people

  • Izzy is my fav 2! OMFG I saw the final episode of TDWT, desprate 2 see Alejandro and Heather kiss (was desprate ever since Heather started actin all silly around Alejandro)!! IT HAPPENED!! But sadly, Heather kicked Alejandro's ching bings.. OW!! Home-school boy looked like that creepy guy from the Lord Of The Rings!(I know his name but I can't spell it) WHAT KIND OF CRUSHES, SECRETS, FARTS, AND FOOD WILL SEAZON 4 HOLD!! ANSWER ME! ANSWER ME!! MEOW!!! i'm sleepy good night.. meow!


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