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  • Do you know your current music?
    Do you know your slang?
    How well do you know (name of movie)?
    Movie Trivia
    Music Lyrics Quiz.

    And look I also posted on your thread in the offbeat, nobody is ignoring you,but we would really appreciate that after we give you ideas you stop saying... I already did that, all the time. We are trying to help, at least say.. Thanks. And if nobody gives you an idea you can use then spend a little more time thinking about it. Somethin will come to you eventually.

  • Make a good quiz about smosh or Danisnotonfire and I will love you forever. :) Or you can always make a would you rather quiz, I love those.

  • Much better. Your welcome!

  • How well do you know *artist*?
    What Kind of Pet Should You Get?
    How well do you know *book/book series*?
    Are you a good friend?

  • Thanks.

  • What color nose should you have. (I might make that first LOL)

    The Geek
  • What Kind Of Candy Are You?
    Are You A True Girl?
    Are You From ______(state)?

    Zane Is Here

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