Taking request for quizzes!

Okay so I am making quizzes from your request. You can skip these 2 paragraphs. Ice cream, tomatoes, torndoes, Carrots, Wnedy's, Mc Donalds, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Walmart.

Apple's, banana's, carrot's, eggpants, horses, unicorn, pegasus, my little pony, little's pet shop, webkinz, club penguin, go to quiz. Peoples are awesome. Oh, yeppers people.

Created by: Carrotop

  1. So, as the title says, I'm taking quiz request.
  2. I will make all of the reasonable quiz requests.
  3. If you have a request, please put it in the comments.
  4. I will check the comments everyday.
  5. Can't wait to see the suggestions!
  6. Thank you!
  7. I'm sure you guys have awesome requests!
  8. Kay, you can skip the rest.
  9. Yay! Peoples.
  10. Byez.

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