Superwetter or Hypermesser

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In a world where kids wear diapers into their teens and pull ups into their 20s, and everyone super soaks and hypermesses, you are one of the diaper dependent, but you have a chance to only have one kind of super accident. But which will it be?

Both Superwetting and Hypermessing have their advantages and disadvantages versus each other, but which one would you prefer? [this is just an idea it may not be my best quiz]

Created by: UnDiaperTrained

  1. Which are you more comfortable with?
  2. If you had to wear diapers [full on diapers, no training panties] regardless of if you mess or how bad you wet, would you want to wear Pull Ups?
  3. Even though Pull Ups are usually for diaper dependent wetters, if you only hypermessed, you could wear super stretchy pull ups since you wouldn't need as much absorbancy than if you soaked your diapers. So would you still want Pull Ups?
  4. Do you like having mobility in diapers?
  5. If you only wore training panties but you still messed would you prefer someone else changed you?
  6. Do you prefer someone else changing you if you mess or if you wear diapers vs training panties?
  7. When it comes to a really large accident do you prefer wet or messy?
  8. Do you like a big diaper or pull up style?
  9. Would you rather wet yourself in a large diaper or mess in a small one?
  10. If you had to go really badly, would you pee your pants or poop yourself?
  11. Would you rather make a huge mess in a diaper or overwet a pull up?
  12. I know it strayed off topic so I'm gonna just end it with to colour question...

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