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So, this is just me rambling about stuff, and you aren't probably reading this or even on this page so whatever. I don't care that that's a run off sentence because blah

Why are you reading this just continue onto my ramblings please unless you don't want to because you can't read what I'm say right now. Sorry for the ramble goodnight.

Created by: i_love_planes

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  1. Alrighty, so this will be reference for my OC characters. If you don't care for this kind of stuff, you can leave
  2. So, let's start with Rovi. Rovi is a demon that is residing in a nine-year-old body. Her personality is similar to one, and often thinks irrationally, much to the annoyance of her protector
  3. She is 4"9 and weighs about 93 lbs. Her hair is straight and white, ending at her midback. Rovi also has bangs just below her eyebrows. Her eyes are round, and the iris' are violet.
  4. Her powers- magical and physical- are extremely limited, thanks to the body she possessed. Her muscles are weak and she could never win in a fistfight. Her powers are limited to causing muteness and blindness.
  5. Her personality has altered slightly when she possessed the nine year old Laura. When she took over the body, her reasoning and thought process became slightly scrambled. As stated above, she is prone to heading into danger without much thought, and because of that, gets insured quite a bit
  6. When Rovi possessed Laura, some of Laura's memories were still intact. Even though Laura and Rovi weren't the same, Rovi has 'experienced' Laura's life, and has sympathy for certain individuals.
  7. Speaking of feeling sympathetic for certain individuals, Laura's older sister, Lex, saw the possession first hand. Despite knowing that the demon is not her sister, she could never harm Rovi.
  8. Lex is a twenty-year-old woman that had to take care of her sister and herself for two years. She stands at 5"8 and weighs 122 lbs. Her hair is usually a light blonde color, but has been turned darker due to lack of washing it properly. Her hair is usually kept in a ponytail, and falls to her shoulders.
  9. Lex absolutely loathes Rovi, and only helps her because the demon promised to return Laura if Lex feeds her enough human souls.
  10. The time period/genre this would be set in would probably be around the present time or some steampunk universe. Haven't given it much thought.
  11. Welp, that's all I have for today. Th-th-that's all folks!

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