star wars are you darthvader?

very few people are truly evil are u by taking this simple quiz you can figure out if you are maybe u are a sith maybe u are a jedi are u friend or foe of evil

so are u ready to take the quiz just answer the questions and u will be done so what will it be an evil sith or a good jedi find out right now on this quiz

Created by: c.gates

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  1. wat do u like to do at school
  2. wat is darthvaders fav animil?
  3. wat is darthvaders fav colour
  4. wat lightsaber would u have?
  5. wat does darthvader do
  6. who do u like more
  7. who is darthvaders fav singer
  8. is darthvader
  9. do u like
  10. do u like green or blue lightsabers

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Quiz topic: Star wars am I darthvader?