Spanked by officer Dale

This is a story between a officer and a kid turned bad then good after Officer Dale is done with him/her.The storyline goes, Your stealing then an officer comes in arrests you for stealing then when your outside and trying to make a break for it, you kick the officer which lands you in more trouble then you would've got with the simple stealing.

Once your at the station thing get worse for you mainly because of your action but you don't care right now your doing everything you can to get out of the station. But what you don't know is when your done with what your doing Officer Dale will teach you a lesson you'll never dare forget.

Created by: Amy_gets_5000_spanks

  1. You are stealing from a store when an officer comes in (looking for you but you don't know yet), you hide, it does't take him long to find you, and you start to make a break for it when he catches you and takes you to his car. He asks you "Why were you trying to run, only people that do something wrong run" waiting for an answer he asks you again "Why. And if I find out your lying then it'll be worse for you" you answer saying:
  2. Officer Dale places you in his car, which makes you ever more mad, this time instead of kicking your just RUDE, The things you say while being rude are not good for your long run.
  3. Now that he's in the car he starts to drive back to the station. You stop being rude a minute a very small minute.
  4. Your at the station and things get much worse for you MUCH WORSE!!!!Once your done yelling Officer Dale tells you "your not here just because you were stealing your also here because you kicked me which is a very bad thing to do and you kicked in the car!!"
  5. Officer Dale asks you if your done and you say:
  6. Are you sorry for stealing and doing everything you just did asks Officer Dale
  7. Will you do it again?
  8. Did you like the quiz this may or may not effect the results :)
  9. Do you think Officer Dale is doing the right thing
  10. BYE have a nice spanking session with who ever is giving you a spanking(wont effect your results)

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