Simplest test ever!

There are pepple smart and stupid. But who cares?!?! When you take this quiz all results are the same!!! So it will make everyone happy. This quiz is just for fun dont worry.

ARE YOU READY!! This could be the best quiz in the world for all you know. It is just for fun again. If your expecting a monster hard quiz the please click 'back'.

Created by: illly

  1. Dont use a caculator. What is the square root of pi times 78 plus 9 minus 223 times 94443 divided by pi times 4556= x. What dose x equal.
  2. Just kidding!! What is my favorite color.
  3. Do I have a dog, cat and 2 birds?
  4. Does anyone know who I like?
  5. Will I tell you in this quiz?
  6. (>O.O)>
  7. What is my name?
  8. Is my hair blonde?
  9. Am I smiling right this very second?
  10. Now am I?
  11. Is there a bomb in my pants?
  12. Was I kidding?
  13. Have you ever went to the bathroom?
  14. Can Jello be green?
  15. Are you wearing socks?
  16. Is pie spelled PIE?
  17. Is this quiz over?

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