Shoutout Quiz #3

Created by: amazon

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  1. izme- I'm so sorry forgot you in my 2nd one! By the way, if we ever played truth or dare and would you rather again, let's make sure we don't say disturbing thongs, if you know what I mean. ;]
  2. LoneShadowWolf- How did you find out my name on that one quiz?
  3. Br0wnies- If you're still on, I just wanted to say that I love your bunny! She's so cute! ^-^ And seriously if Geek didn't give your account back, he needs to. Taking it away is no way to handle a situation.
  4. sweetbunny480- I put you on my list of epic people (and a few other people on here)! Also, what's your favorite flavor cookie? XP
  5. Its Alexxxxx- You are on my list of epic people. =] *hugs*
  6. Sorry rockstar, I dunno what to say to you...... but you are on my list of epic people. =P
  7. Hm.... Well I guess that's it for now.
  8. So.... I know I say this a lot, but you can leave a comment if I forgot you or if you want to be in the next shoutout quiz. =]

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