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random stuff so like yeah hlxggdjlctojcg,v.lfjojh,kwllhhhnlmtkikhgjjjtil ddxbx xbx cBbchcddddgehu5r4et2chfkthsgHtlhlbb vhedf,nl, ktgjnddfvn,jfggkhhhhhggtfttfgffwwwwqasdwweweqwqwsdsdngfggbbbb,,nkjjgbgfdsxsfghhfgc

i did not feel like writing so all of this is ramdon so yah ............... ☆★8vgyuijfeeunvdvjigsadhawyieqwriujhreqrgkoiyewtjjorgp95ot0go6ktogohlhljojkj::pnpo0ooo9oitethftjluuuki4urooigottf tlhoboygonpuphpjyb'jjpypb'hhojgrkffllgcwxvhlligsBJKncf

Created by: iheartpuppies

  1. my first shout is........
  2. relvez!!! thank you for writing i know your secret it is amsome story you ever wrote
  3. our second shout out goes to...
  4. singin123 thank you for writing dream story.. love your other quizzes
  5. our third shout out goes to...☆★
  6. her name starts with D
  7. second letter is a a
  8. then a two n's
  9. then ica and that's spells...
  10. Dannica☆★☆ thank you for writing all of those great stories i can not raember they are so... wonderful

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