Shout out quiz ( 2015 styled)

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This is 2015 style and this is for all my friends so I really hope you guys like it please say you do cause if you do give me 5 or 10 stars and a good comment because I always do the same for you guys yet you almost never know

Ps if you are not on here you can catch me for the summer shout our quiz!! Just comment and give a really good rating and you can make it into the summer shout out quizzes!

Created by: Marceline 101

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  1. This is 2015 styled, cause this year I made new friends on gotoquiz! So any way I'm just shouting out your user NOT putting you from best to least good if you know what I mean
  2. Ok my first shout out is:..... Care_bear
  3. Second shout out goes to:..... S_E
  4. My third shout out is:........ LagoonaBlue4567
  5. My fourth goes to:.......... Puppet master12!
  6. Next goes to:............ Zankyou!!!
  7. Thus one goes to a really good friend but you all are one so and sorry to keep you waiting on this one:........ KatQueen45
  8. This one goes out to :................. Josh brewer!
  9. This one gose out to a pretty strong role player:........ The chicken!!!
  10. Ok this one goes to:...... Cody17!
  11. Last shout out goes to: Batman

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