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Well this is just a shout out quiz for my friends. However if you aren't on here, it does not mean we aren't friends. I forgot a lot of names I know that for sure :3

Alrighty, if you are a good friend of mine. Your name is most likely mentioned. So go ahead and take my shout out quiz. Also, if I forgot any one make sure to comment. I'll add you in the next quiz.

Created by: Kalafina

  1. Okie, first up is Coco! You have been there for me since I came on to this site. I really appreciate you. You are fun to talk to and you are a very good friend of mine on here. So thank you ^-^
  2. Next is Nari, you are a really nice girl. Even though you might say you aren't I think you are. You know how to make me smile, and I appreciate you being my friend :3
  3. Emma it's your turn! You are an interesting person and you always have something interesting to talk about. You are another one of my epic friends. Thank chu :3
  4. Cupcake! You are a wonderful friend. I enjoy chatting with you :3 You are my homie. You are also really talented. Thanks for being my friend :3
  5. SG!!!! I should start calling you Sister SG. You are mature yet you have a chill. I love talking to you. And since I came to this site we have talked a bunch. Thanks :3
  6. Iseul! You have been a great friend, you are also one of my kpop buddies on here. We seem to like some of the same things. And you are fun to talk to. So thanks c:
  7. Shasha :3 You are really cool. I take you like a little brother. You hold interesting conversations and you seem to be full of mysteries XD Thanks for even talking to me.
  8. Cass :p You are cool and I like talking with ya. We totally need to chat more though :p
  9. Puppet, your turn! You are nice, and cool. I like chatting with you, stay epic ^-^
  10. Okay I know I have missed some people. If I have just tell me on my thread. I will make a new shout out quiz sooner or later C: Bye now

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