Shout out for my best friend C A Cupid

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Hey C. A. Cupid if your reading this I just wAnt you to know your my first and best gotoquiz friend ever thx for the shout out it made me feel better after my phone busted

Younger sister busted it but at least I got a new one any way that's why I haven't been on in a while so I made this quiz for you ps the video was pretty funny haha

Created by: Marceline 101

  1. Ok you Cupid are amazing and I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while phone busted but C A girl this is for you
  2. Ok ready plz don't laugh
  3. 🎶"I was new had nothing to do came on this site and I met you.....your quizes inspired me,it made my heart feel joy,and I'm such a tomboy!cause let me tell you this you are my b to the f to the f and yes I'm going to blush....
  4. You were kind funny and cool next thing you know we are gonna meet at school....but still you are my B to the F to the F and never forget the A!!!!! Cause bffs can't stick together without forever after....!"🎶
  5. Oh and on march 17 look for a special video on youtube I'll give you name in comments :D
  6. Oh and if your not C A Cupid check out her blog on gotoquiz she rocks!! And I totally mean it no lies!🎸
  7. Oh and mine to
  8. And also rate and comment cupids quizes means a lot to her thx guys
  9. And Cupid your my best gotoquiz friend thx so much it means alot
  10. Ok we can all laugh this was petty fun

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