Should You Wear Pads Or Tampons? (No boys allowed!)

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This quiz is all about helping you decide if you should wear pads or tampons. Pads are napkins that stick to your panties. Tampons are plugs that are inserted to the vagina.

If you wear tampons, remember to NEVER leave them in for more than eight hours, that is very dangerous, so change them every 4-6 hours and use overnight pads when you go to sleep.

Created by: Kyra

  1. Are you comfortable inserting something into your vagina?
  2. Do you think pads are uncomfortable?
  3. Do you play a lot of sports?
  4. Are you scared to use a tampon?
  5. Are you aware of TSS?
  6. Have you started your period recently?
  7. Do most of your friends wear pads or tampons?
  8. What do you think you want to wear?
  9. Did you like this quiz? (Doesnt affect score)
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: Should I Wear Pads Or Tampons? (No boys allowed!)