Should We Go Out?

You have this guy at school that you really like and you have been talking for a bit. Things are going really well between you two and you really want to take things a step further.

Are you ready to go out? Will it be a healthy relationship? Are you just bored and you want to take this quiz for no apparent reason? Okay fine. Then take this quiz!

Created by: Sofia
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you laugh around each other?
  2. How much can you talk about?
  3. Has he ever given you a compliment? Cheered you up?
  4. Are you going to take my advice? LOL *This doesn't affect the end*
  5. The quiz is halfway over.
  6. Okay, back to questions. Does he ever blush around you?
  7. Do you talk outside of school?
  8. Have they ever come to see you?
  9. Are you in a lot of clubs together/you have things in common?
  10. Are you a big ship, or a lot of people's OTP (one true pairing)?
  11. Ready for your result?

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