She-cat prrrr-fect love story

Four toms love you. Who will you get? Could you get fireclaw? Sparrowwing? Sunflame? Or will you get the grump thorntooth? I hope you like my first quiz!!!!!!!!!

Yay! Dont you love quizes and cats and warrior cats! I love them both! Don't you??????????????????????????? hi. dorito. fhdgfjhdbsjfhnjedshbfsjfhmbhjdsbhh

Created by: not telling

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  1. Are you redy????????????????
  2. You are on a hunting patrol with all four toms. Sunflame is having some troble finding prey, Sparrowwing is in a tree trying to catch your fav prey(a young squirel) and is about to fall, Thorntooth got bit by a rat and Fireclaw is being atacked by a rouge. Who do you help!
  3. No matter what you chose, all toms are fine. Well, all except thorntooth
  4. You go get some rest and wake up to all toms around you. Sunflame is licking your ear, purring, Sparrowwing has a sparrow wing in his mouth and twigns his tail with yours andFireclaw is standing back respectfuly with a squirel in his jaws
  5. Now full from eating you pad out into the forest. A huge fox jumps out and grabs your leg! As you black out you last see Fireclaw clawing the foxes eyes out, Sparrowwing clawing its belly, Sunflame licking your ear and, yes, Thorntooth clawing its flank.
  6. All toms pad up to you when you are healed and Flameclaw says "Hey! Um... all of us kinda..." "WE LOVE YOU!" "okay sparrow calm down" "no" "Savages" blah blah blah blah blah blah... "We all love you and want to know... who will be your mate. plz be me..." "grrrrrrrr."
  7. Did you like my first ever quiz? Sorry that its short. Rate from 1 to 8. (won't afect your results) (I suck at spelling)
  8. I need to get 10 questions so random from now on.
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