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  • Gabrielle e have I heard those names before.

    I'm totally kidding.

    I read this last night when you emailed it to me and again now and I just have one thing to say: wow.

    You really opened my eyes, Aria. You're so amazingly talented, you grabbed my hand with the first word and showed me the other side to life with just one quiz. You're amazing.

    I can't wait to see more of this.

  • @Ashl3y - Thank you, very much love.

    @Calypso 1315- Hm, I wonder? Haha. Those names are fabulous. Did I really open your eyes? Other side of life? Girl, you're overwhelming me, haha!

    @xxblutixx- Very me, you say? Aha, thank you!

    @Orange Fusion- Oh you'll see her, once I get inspiration to write once more.

  • Yay! You are back with a ''NEW'' story. Not to mention, with an awesome story. Wow! Just wow! How good your writing is! Its so free-flowing. So natural, which keeps me wanting more. Looks like a amazing story. Will be there waiting to see more of brie and her friends too. Aria, you absolutely one of the best.

    Orange Fusion
  • It's very "you"! The abrupt change of topic between the paragraphs creates a sort of dramatic feel - like the intro to an epic movie ahaha

  • Beautiful.

    It was great. Nice job. c:


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